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Sofa Back Pillow
Amy Hunter
Great customer service

Duobed worked with me to get me the right-sized cushion, even sending me a free second one when the first one was too big (my fault). Hat-tip to Kara! High-quality cushion as well.

Modular Storage Ottoman 30"x30"

36 inch sofa bolsters (2) well made, color exact match, material top rate

We bought these two bolsters for our RV, in which the dinette turns into a sofa,
but thick bolsters were needed to make it a really comfortable sofa. These two
bolsters were absolutely perfect, and are comfortable and attractive.

Great Quality

Great quality!

Custom Solution

A product that marks where looks, function, and flexibility coincide, allows our home office to now double as a stylish guest room. If you're wrestling with purchase, do not fall for junk competitors, and spare yourself regrets. Cheers to Spike, Kara, and the rest of the DB crew for taking care of us!

Back Support
Amy Arpan

I have a tall husband who has always disliked our awesome couch because he can't lean back on the backrest. These extended our backrest almost two feet, and now it is his favorite couch. The SERVICE and quality from this company are bar none!!! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or purchase from them again!

Great Bed, Great Sofa, For 1975 Airstream Renovation!

I love my new Duo Bed. I plan to install it in my 1975 Vintage Airstream renovation. It’s going to be my sofa and my bed. I love all the storage space, too!

Sofa Back Pillow
Iris Lindberg
Great shape sofa cushions

These well designed triagular deep sofa cushions, plus an extra pillow, enable one to use a sofa bed as an actual sofa- your feet will touch the floor. I only wish they made matching sofa bed covers for them...that would really make it look like an actula sofa instead of a bed.

Sofa Back Pillow
Sharon Conochalla
A perfect way to convert a bed into a great place to sit

These sofa back pillows solved our seating issue by converting our daybed. They are great quality and two of the 36” pillows are just right for the length of the bed. The bed was just waiting for these!

Sofa Back Pillow
Gabriela Johnson
exactly what I wanted!

I bought two to make a twin bed a day bed. Cushions fit perfect. I chose the performance fabric, it's great :)

Sofa Back Pillow
Brian Brokaw

Sofa Back Pillow

Very Happy With My Purchase!

This is my second order with Duobed and they did not disappoint! I ordered a custom chenille fabric to go with the chaise I bought previously, and it matched perfectly. They upgraded the hinges since my first purchase to make the lids close slower, which is great because I don't have to worry about the lids slamming down on my hand or anything. They also included a few extra springs so that I could make my original ottomans the same as the new ones. Great customer service, and a great product! Will definitely recommend to friends and fam!!

It's Become Indispensable

I kind of thought the power outlet would be going overboard, but I have found myself using it all the time particularly when I’m vacuuming, or charging my phone. I’m a big fan of it now. If you add one, be aware of the location of the power outlet. On mine, they placed it under the handle that opens the ottoman. There are 2 three-prong outlets and 2 usb charging ports. Love it!!

The Perfect Furniture for a Millennial Creative?

I live in a small bedroom in an apartment and needed something that was actually comfortable to sleep/lounge on, looked good in the space, and was easy to move around during video shoots. My room is my bedroom, music/film studio, and the primary place my friends and I hang out in when they come over.

I googled traditional beds, sofas, futons, Murphy beds, etc. I took a risk buying this online having never seen one in person, and I’m happy to say that I’m very, very pleased and relieved. Here’s what I went with: sofa configuration, castors instead of feet, custom fabric (Wooly Bully performance fabric), and an added power outlet on one of the ottomans. It did cost more than pieces I’ve bought in the past, but I’d had enough of lower priced furniture brands.

Overall, it looks minimal, and modern yet very cozy and rich with the Wooly Bully fabric. I often jokingly call it my modern sports car sofa. Everything feels well-made; no stray stitching, the construction is solid. The cushioning was a bit firmer than I expected on first sitting; but then it conformed to my body in an incredibly natural and comfortable way. It’s way nicer to sleep and lounge on than a couch, let alone most mattresses.

I’m 5’8” and when I lie down, my butt is located where the two ottomans meet. So because of that and the castors, I did sometimes find my butt slightly sagging down between them by the time I woke up. So I used the velcro straps inside of each ottoman to secure them together tighter, and that has prevented that from happening.

The storage dimensions are 33.5” x 33.5” x 8” deep. This is definitely one of the highlights - there’s a ton of storage space. I absolutely love how much I can fit inside, and it has helped make my room look incredibly clean. Just keep in mind that the crap you put in might make the ottoman heavier to move.

I kind of thought the power outlet would be going overboard, but I have found myself using it all the time particularly when I’m vacuuming, or charging my phone. I’m a big fan of it now. If you add one, be aware of the location of the power outlet. On mine, they placed it under the handle that opens the ottoman. I can imagine some people wanting it on a different side, though I’m not sure if the people at Duobed are able to change it’s location so you’ll have to ask.

Also, you can’t put a back support piece where the hinge is. This is obvious, but keep that in mind when you plan out your purchase.

Ultimately, if you are like me and have similar needs, I can’t overstate how right the Duobed probably is for you. I get to enjoy much easier moves when changing apartments, my room is more functional and looks amazing now, my friends immediately want to sit down on it, and I get to have the perfect lounge after a long day at work.

Sofa Back Pillow
Pamela Liddle
Excellent quality

These pillows took a very long time to receive but the quality is excellent, they are firm and look lovely.

Sofa Back Pillow
Audrey Saxton
Bolster Beauties

I bought four brick red bolsters for my new daybeds. The bolsters are the anchor for the entire room which has a Black Watch rug to celebrate my heritage and to bring a formerly dull room to life. The DuoBed bolsters are a perfect back support for watching television or visiting with guests and easy to put aside for sleeping. Thank you for my Campbell Room!

Sofa Back Pillow
Laura Weissberg
Great pillows

These were what we needed to convert a twin bed into a daybed/couch. Color as described, fits with our decor. Thank you

Best Modular Setup

This system is one of the best setups we have tried for our Airbnb's and we have tried many. You will not regret your purchse.

Sofa Back Pillow
Sabina Nelson
Great pillows

These pillows fit the day bed wonderfully. And provides good back support.

Reviewing separately

The ottomans/back cushions/overall product itself I would give 4 stars. The firmness and craftsmanship is great - seems like it will hold up well to years of use. I did feel like they could use vecro on all 4 insides to make the configuration a little more flexible and sturdy - but this was an easy fix for us to make on our own. Lots of great storage and having the flexibility to turn our L shaped sectional + ottomon into multiple options for guests - a king bed + twin or 3 twins has made our bonus room more functional than ever! The concept is solid.

The backs of the couches I would give 2 or 3 stars. If you are going to have your couch against a wall, this may not be an issue for you; however, for us, our sectional is in the center of a large room, so the backs were critical. I felt the back itself could be larger - it would be better if it extended the full width of the ottoman and matched up better with the height of the pillows and the base of the ottoman. The hardware that comes with the backs does not hold up to anything more than maybe 150 lbs leaning against it and still doesn't feel super secure or sturdy. With this sectional being in a guest room, we need the backs to hold up to *at least* 300 lb guests - not to mention kids jumping around on the couch. Duobed does have heavier-duty hardware that we requested and is being sent to us. I'll update this review once I see how that new hardware helps improve the product.

Customer service gets a HUGE 5 STARS! Spike has been nothing but helpful and accommodating. Any issues I've had, he's quickly replied and remedied. Shipping was timely, considering the couches are made to order; he was able to offer me a discount that I hadn't been aware of when I first made the purchase, and the new heavier-duty hardware is on its way to us as we speak. I had read other reviews that mentioned excellent customer service, and I completely agree with their assessment.


Perfect size and height. Good quality piece of furniture. The storage was bigger than we thought.

Love my new Chaise!

It will sound corny, but this is my new favorite piece of furniture! Since getting our chaise, we have decided to replace our old west elm couches and get the full set. I love how well built the whole system is, how comfortable it is, and there is so much room for stuff inside! I also ordered a custom fabric (the Balsum Court Chenille in Sand) and its heavenly! I can't wait to get the full set! Thanks Duobed!!

Ottoman in Denim

I love the ottoman! The color is beautiful, sort of a slate blue / worn denim. Thank you!

Great sectional

Process was easy. Being able to order swatch samples helped with picking the right color. Customer service was very responsive when I noticed a piece was missing from my order. They quickly put in the order to send them missing part. I cannot wait to receive it to fully enjoy my new sectional.

Sofa Back Pillow
Victoria DeMonte

Turned a single bed into a couch. Works perfectly