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Love this furniture

We purchased a Duobed for our sons room. We liked the flexibility of being able to move the configurations around. He would set it up as a couch with an Ottoman during the day and at night he would change it into a bed. We were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the units are. We have also found ourselves stealing a part of his bed to use as an ottoman in our living room. We have since bought an additional 3 units for our house! We now have Duobed Furniture in our living room, bed room, and our home office. Flexibility and comfort are the characteristics I would use to describe our Duobed Furniture.


"I use this set in my craft room for storing all my in progress sewing projects. This room is also one of our guest rooms, so it is perfect that I can turn it into a bed when we have have guests."

Perfect for the cottage!

After looking all over we were recommended to take a look at Duobed by a friend of ours. The sectional is perfect for our cottage - and the material is outstanding. Extremely comfortable, we will be purchasing another one for the main house. Thanks a lot for the speedy shipping as well!

An Awesome Find

An awesome find for my family. It has provided storage for all of us. We have two boys that are both athletes. They have lots of friends over. Both boys use the Duobed furniture for video games, storage, and additional sleeping for their friends. All the boys that have slept on them talk about how comfortable they are.
They are also great for launching when we they are not playing games. Our youngest keeps all of his sweatshirts in the storage compartment and out oldest keeps his soccer and football gear in his storage compartment.
My wife and I have a duobed chair in our room that we use for reading and keeping all of her winter clothing in the storage compartment. It is the most comfortable reading chair. We are a tall family (I am 6’6”, my wife is 5’10 and both boys are 6’2” and growing) and the flexibility, size of the furniture is awesome.
I highly recommend the duobed furniture for families. WE LOVE IT.

I’m so pleased with my purchase! This is the perfect addition to my home. It comfortably accommodates my needs and is added comfort for my grandchildren! It’s so versatile and I love the flexibility and utilitarian options
~ Diane

Our first duobed piece was a gift. The ottoman was perfect for a coffee table. Items on coffee table were easily stored inside, when you wanted them out of sight. Our large sectional was losing its comfort, as the pillows lost their fullness. We added two duobed sofa back pillows. This made the sectional less deep & gave great back support. The added back support has made this spot, my husband’s favorite place to play guitar.

Quick mention of my pleasure in owning a DuoBed product. Noteworthy durability and comfort. BTW elegant color choices to easily complement room aesthetics. While the look is certainly a big selling point, the comfort level is phenomenal, with supportive and breathable fabric and cushions that create a nice pressure relieving cradle with a definitive push-back for increased overall support.
You can easily use for a perfect marriage of pragmatic utility and a refined aesthetic. I am a huge fan!

It's all the furniture you will ever need, except maybe a kitchen table. The best part is not only is it a bed and a couch, it’s storage! That’s right when your friends come over unannounced, you can gather up all your stuff and throw it in the ottoman. Tada! the house is clean I recommend DuoBed 100%. So if you are looking for furniture check out this woman-owned business that is making furniture right here in the USA. Oh did I tell you it comes in several colors, and you can even customize it with fabric or leather for an upcharge?

Storage Solution!

Their modular storage is exactly the solution I was looking for in this tween room.
It is durable enough to withstand my boys and can serve as a sofa OR bed!
However, the flexibility in seating is nowhere near the best part. The seats open up into two huge storage areas.
When I say huge, I am not exaggerating. In one of the seats, I was able to store the entirety of my sons’ massive Hot Wheels collection.
In the other seat, I stored my middle son’s precious Play Mobil collection. The storage capabilities elevated most of the mess in the basement.
Now toys that used to end up spread throughout the room are contained, accessible, and hidden!
I would buy the DuoBed again and again for guest rooms, playrooms, nurseries, or offices. I love that it can serve as a twin bed (with a fitted sheet) or a sofa. It is plush, durable, and my favorite piece of furniture in my house.

My Duobed arrived yesterday and I am exceptionally pleased! It is exactly what I expected and needed! I recently moved into a smaller house, and my guest rooms are smaller than my previous home. One of them doubles as an office, and this became the problem to provide good, comfortably sleeping arrangements yet maintain the function of my office, Having slept on a few conventional sofa beds I know they are always uncomfortable. I searched for quite a while and finally found Duobed! I choose the blue King Sleeper which is a rich, warm color. They were easily set up, and are VERY comfortable. I just had my first overnight guest who reported that the bed is great! It is just the right amount of firmness for a great night’s sleep, and is also very comfortable chair. When I'm not expecting guests, I remove one ottoman and put it in the living room to add an extra seat, and leave the other 3 in the office as a great couch! I have all the bedding stored inside, which frees up so much closet space! Great feature for people with limited storage! Very versatile! In fact I’m thinking of buying an additional back cushion and support arm to turn one of the ottomans into a chair! Fantastic product! I bought directly from the company and the service was top quality. I would this product recommend to anyone!

Wow. We LOVE these very versatile ottomans turned chair turned sleeper sofa!!

Better than the pictures

"This product was just what I hoped…great quality, good color, loads of storage, and a comfy guest bed. Pro: Great Value, versatile, good quality

5.0 Stars!

My son LOVE's this chair! I bought it for an extra bed for when his cousin's visit. That way they can all sleep in his room. Ever since we put it in his room, he has slept on it! He says it's super comfy! Love this chair!

Great Storage. Easy to assemble. Expected the color to be a bit darker, but it looks great in our new library

Perfect Fit

Excited 2 give this my highest approval! This unit is functional, comfortable and converts to the needs of the space. Serving as amle storage and expansiveness for seating, sleeping lounging and ENJOYING! Perfect 4 small or large spaces as you can attach-detach and reconfigure it to "your hearts desire" without losing the storage and comfort. Ive gone thru 2 sofas in the last decade and both were storage units that didnt come close to the craftsmanship this product provides. It is appealing in design giving it an understated look that lends itseld to the space by integratng simplicity and elegance at a low cost. I couldn't be more pleased w/ the piece and am SOLD on this product. THANK U! I'LL BE BACK!!!

It is Exactly as illustrated

Great Product. I love it.


Great in our family room. Extra sleeping is what we needed when grandkids come. This does the trick and looks good all the other times.

So much more than just a Chair

I originally bought this chair for my den and did not realize if I bought another storage ottoman I would have a chair with ottoman, or chaise lounge or twin bed. Bought another ottoman and it is great because I can relax on the chaise to watch television but when I have company I can separate the pieces so that there is additional seating in the room. Extremely well made, with a hinged lid that stays up and doesn't come down crashing on your head or hands when storing bedding in the ample storage area.Even has a childproof hole. No assembly required and I recieved it quickly with a carton that can be reused for storage of holiday ornaments, etc. Definitely a new idea on how to get more than one use out of a piece of furniture. Pros: Looks great & solidly built, lots of storage, no assembly, & 5 stars plus for seating comfort

More Versatility

We bought this storage ottoman to use as a bench, but it also functions as a coffee tabl, end table and works with Duobed's other pieces as well. Great fabric feels really good and is very well made. Will buy another one so we have more seating!

Great Ottoman

Great ottoman and even better as a couch and chair! Has excellent storage space, slow closing so no worried about pinching fingers. Quality Made furniture!!!!!

Looks and functions exactly as promised

This is a solid, well-built piece of funriture. The color is slightly redder than the photograph, but the overall photo is a good representation. There was no assembly required and the storage space is great. It pops next to my brown sofa and the loveseat and is very space efficient. I am very happy with my purchase. Pros: Good Price, easy to clean, large amoutn of storage Cons: Heavy to move if filled with heavy items.

Wonder product matches description

I have been looking for a brick red ottoman for my living room and it did not disappoint. The color is perfect and I love the storage space.

Very sturdy, good purchase!

This is a great ottoman. It is very sturdy and has good storage. I expected the color to be more of a charcoal but it is a solid grey. It still works in my living room... just incorporated more pillows to tie in the color.

nice and comfortable

Like the product very much. Bringing the family together. The only downside is that the corners start to wrinkle from people resting thier feet after just a few weeks. Pros: Great vaue. No assembly required. Cons: Would like more color options.

Comfy and stable.

this is a wonderful piece. It is bigger than I thought. But very stable. Beautiful color. And boxed very well. I'm very hapy with this.