Sofa Bed with Storage

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Invite company to watch TV on a really comfortable Duobed sofa and then spend the night on the same furniture converted into a really comfortable twin bed! Just two duobed ottomans and two duobed sofa back pillows make a sofa/twin bed. That’s more furniture for less money. Ottoman tops open to reveal convenient storage space for duoPillows, linens, magazines, TV remotes, toys – whatever you want to hide away. Perfect for family rooms, dens, dorms, studio apartments, kids rooms – anywhere people sit and sleep. With comfort and versatility, the possibilities are endless!
Each 30" ottoman = 30” x 30” x 18”
2 Chairs or 2 ottomans together= 30” x 60” sofa

Each 36" ottoman = 36” x 36” x 18”
2 Chairs or 2 ottomans together= 36” x 72” twin bed / sofa
What's Included:      
(2) Ottomans
(2) Sofa Back Pillows
(2) Back support/armrests

Add on more pieces:

  Built-In Outlet

DO Padded ArmPadded Arms

Corner Pillow

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Customer Reviews

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The Perfect Furniture for a Millennial Creative?

I live in a small bedroom in an apartment and needed something that was actually comfortable to sleep/lounge on, looked good in the space, and was easy to move around during video shoots. My room is my bedroom, music/film studio, and the primary place my friends and I hang out in when they come over.

I googled traditional beds, sofas, futons, Murphy beds, etc. I took a risk buying this online having never seen one in person, and I’m happy to say that I’m very, very pleased and relieved. Here’s what I went with: sofa configuration, castors instead of feet, custom fabric (Wooly Bully performance fabric), and an added power outlet on one of the ottomans. It did cost more than pieces I’ve bought in the past, but I’d had enough of lower priced furniture brands.

Overall, it looks minimal, and modern yet very cozy and rich with the Wooly Bully fabric. I often jokingly call it my modern sports car sofa. Everything feels well-made; no stray stitching, the construction is solid. The cushioning was a bit firmer than I expected on first sitting; but then it conformed to my body in an incredibly natural and comfortable way. It’s way nicer to sleep and lounge on than a couch, let alone most mattresses.

I’m 5’8” and when I lie down, my butt is located where the two ottomans meet. So because of that and the castors, I did sometimes find my butt slightly sagging down between them by the time I woke up. So I used the velcro straps inside of each ottoman to secure them together tighter, and that has prevented that from happening.

The storage dimensions are 33.5” x 33.5” x 8” deep. This is definitely one of the highlights - there’s a ton of storage space. I absolutely love how much I can fit inside, and it has helped make my room look incredibly clean. Just keep in mind that the crap you put in might make the ottoman heavier to move.

I kind of thought the power outlet would be going overboard, but I have found myself using it all the time particularly when I’m vacuuming, or charging my phone. I’m a big fan of it now. If you add one, be aware of the location of the power outlet. On mine, they placed it under the handle that opens the ottoman. I can imagine some people wanting it on a different side, though I’m not sure if the people at Duobed are able to change it’s location so you’ll have to ask.

Also, you can’t put a back support piece where the hinge is. This is obvious, but keep that in mind when you plan out your purchase.

Ultimately, if you are like me and have similar needs, I can’t overstate how right the Duobed probably is for you. I get to enjoy much easier moves when changing apartments, my room is more functional and looks amazing now, my friends immediately want to sit down on it, and I get to have the perfect lounge after a long day at work.

4 great purchases - including custom fabric

We’ve purchased from duobed several times over the years, and all our interactions with the company and their products have been excellent! We bought a blue sofa/bed when my son’s new bedroom was too small to fit a regular twin bed comfortably. The storage came in handy and he loved using it as a sofa during the day. Then we got a single ottoman for my daughter’s window seat, which she also loves. We ordered another full sofa/bed last year in garnet for our bedroom. Last week, we ordered custom fabric upholstery online (after approving it with the folks at duobed) and had it shipped directly to them. A few weeks later we got an amazing new bed/sofa, including cushions, in a fabulous raspberry pattern, and Spike, Raffi and team did an excellent job. We couldn’t be happier and it looks great in our new office/home classroom! The fabric is high quality and the cushions are firm but comfortable and even the oldest ones aren't misshapen at all, even after years of use. Highly recommend!

Paulette Peace
Very nice sofa/bed

It high quality, looks great. It is a little to firm as a bed, but if it’s used for only a few days as a guest bed it’s fine.

Catharine Kreitler

My son loves the bed and could not be happier!!

Great Find!

I bought my first duobed, and I am very happy with the purchase. The duobed replaced my kids' beds in my parents' house- the kids are grown now, and we needed a couch that could serve as a bed. It looks great, it's comfortable to sleep on, and I love the storage!