The Duobed Story

Multi-functional Modular Furniture
When my grandsons were ready to start having overnights at our house, I wanted to convert our den/office into a room where they could feel at home for 24 hours. Then I wanted my office back! I thought about a sofa bed, but knew they’d sleep better in their own twin beds, and if they slept better, so would I. Sleeping bags or air mattresses on the floor just wouldn’t make it feel like their room.

But something was tugging at my memory – when I was a teenager, my mother bought something that consisted of two twin beds with a corner table. The headboards swung on a piano hinge to allow the beds to be put together to create a king bed. They had wedge-shaped bolster pillows attached to the wall. It was the idea I was looking for.

​I started searching retail furniture stores, magazines, the internet – there was nothing on the market that could solve my problem. So I decided to build a furniture unit that would meet all my needs: Comfortable, versatile, beautiful, high-quality furniture that could fit into a small space and be multipurpose for sleeping, relaxing, and working.