Sofa Back Pillow

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duobed Original Sofa Back Pillow offers exceptional lumbar support. Easily converts a duobed Ottoman into a chair. Two pillows and ottomans side-by-side create a sofa that will be comfortable and kind to your back, but firm enough to let you stand up easily instead of sinking hopelessly and wondering how you’ll ever get up again. Also use them to convert any bed into a comfortable daybed.
  • Dimensions
  • ‪Height: 18''
  • ‪Width: 36''
  • ‪Thickness: 14''
  • ‪Weight: 10 lbs.
  • High density foam pillow covered with a soft linen like fabric of 100pct poly for easy care
  • Removable cover wipes clean with damp cloth or machine wash
  • Made in the USA
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Size: Large (Over 20'')
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Product Type: Back Support
  • Country of Manufacture: United States

* 100 Polyester Fabrics are: Deep Ocean, Brick, Mocha, Flint, and Espresso

**Revolution Performance Fabrics are: Denim, Aqua, Garnet, Jewel, and Stone

**When ordering, select the color of the furniture then add the quantity.**

Customer Reviews

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Cushions great. Problem with shipping resolved quickly!

The cushions are great, had issue with delivery NOT Duobed's fault. The cushions are very firm and large and will keep you sitting upright, unlike other couch-back cushions I have tried where they are too squishy and dont actually support upright seating. The foam inside seems to be great quality. The color is exactly as displayed on the website, so it matches the cover on the bed I am using them on. The height and depth of these make them perfect for converting a twin bed into a couch, so don't feel like you have to use the bases they sell. These pillows are the largest and best ones I was able to find online to do this. When I had the issue with delivery. Duobed customer service was amazing, no questions asked, they fixed the issue that had occurred. It took some time, but it was FedEx that was at fault. not Duobed. In fact, Duobed's rapid response was fantastic and they brought my temperature immediately down. I was HEATED. It sucks for vendors when errors occur on the shipping end of things that is beyond their control, but we must be understanding and not fault them. <3 Thanks Spike et al. Another quick criticism is that I also bought two cushions at full price direct from duobed then saw a deal for 2 on another site that would have saved me money. I wish that I had been offered the 2 cushion bundle deal when buying direct. But after the shipping ordeal, I am just happy to have them, and they are exactly what I wanted.


Our first duobed piece was a gift. The ottoman was perfect for a coffee table. Items on coffee table were easily stored inside, when you wanted them out of sight. Our large sectional was losing its comfort, as the pillows lost their fullness. We added two duobed sofa back pillows. This made the sectional less deep & gave great back support. The added back support has made this spot, my husband’s favorite place to play guitar.