Queen Sofa Bed with Storage

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The Duobed Queen SofaBed includes (4) Ottomans (2) Sofa Back Pillows and (2) Back support/armrests. Easily arrange the pieces as a queen-size bed, twin beds, sofas, chairs or chaise lounges so you can sit by day, sleep by night. That's more furniture for less money. The ottoman top opens to reveal convenient storage space. Perfect for dorms, studio apartments, kids rooms, dens, and offices. With comfort and versatility, the possibilities are endless

What's Included:      
(4) Ottomans
(2) 30" or 36" Sofa Back Pillows
(2) Back support/armrests

**Please let us know which side you plan to have cushions and back supports on, so that we can send you the size you require for your configuration.

**To make the full size of a queen bed, you will need to use the sofa back pillows at the foot of the bed. Otherwise the bed will be shorter than a actual queen size bed.

Each ottoman = 30” x 36” x 18”
2 ottomans = 30” x 72”  Sofa / twin bed
4 ottomans = 60” x 72” sectional / queen bed

Add on more pieces:

  Built-In Outlet

Padded Arms

Corner Pillow

See our Pieces and Pillows page for more options.

* For more colors see our fabrics page

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Angela DeElse
Great Bed, Great Sofa, For 1975 Airstream Renovation!

I love my new Duo Bed. I plan to install it in my 1975 Vintage Airstream renovation. It’s going to be my sofa and my bed. I love all the storage space, too!

Jessica Cochran
Love the flexibility!

My husband wanted an L shaped couch. I wanted a comfortable queen size bed that could be accessed from both sides, so comfortable for two people AND long enough for a tall person. Duobed customer service explained to use the back support cushions to lengthen the bed. It was great on our first test use! Awesome customer service from Spike, much appreciated.

Keith Guralchuk
The best investment EVER

OMG l! I just moved into a studio apartment I purchased in NYC and the duobed is the best part about it!! It’s versatile. The storage is amazing and you can have multiple set up options. I added the outlet and my phone charges crazy fast. I can’t say more positive things about the super comfortable duobed. Everyone needs one!!! You have a customer for life!!

Jonathan Nimrod
An Awesome Find

An awesome find for my family. It has provided storage for all of us. We have two boys that are both athletes. They have lots of friends over. Both boys use the Duobed furniture for video games, storage, and additional sleeping for their friends. All the boys that have slept on them talk about how comfortable they are.
They are also great for launching when we they are not playing games. Our youngest keeps all of his sweatshirts in the storage compartment and out oldest keeps his soccer and football gear in his storage compartment.
My wife and I have a duobed chair in our room that we use for reading and keeping all of her winter clothing in the storage compartment. It is the most comfortable reading chair. We are a tall family (I am 6’6”, my wife is 5’10 and both boys are 6’2” and growing) and the flexibility, size of the furniture is awesome.
I highly recommend the duobed furniture for families. WE LOVE IT.